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Weather Camp

Learn how to forecast weather!


Meteorologists use amazing tools, like satellite, radar, and computer models.

At SWIFT Weather Camp, we teach you how to use these resources so you can make your own forecast!


SPC Storm Reports

Hail, wind, and tornadoes are reported in near-real time at the Storm Prediction Center.

National Forecast Map

Pressure centers, fronts, and expected precipitation are shown on this map.

Doppler Radar Map

Doppler radar shows locations of current precipitation.

Graphical Forecast Map

A graphical forecast shows the expected maximum and minimum temperatures using a color scale.

Infrared Satellite Map

Colder objects and surfaces are lighter, and warmer objects are darker. Cold cloud tops are shown using a color scale.

National Weather Hazards

Watches, warnings, and advisories provide an overview of possible weather hazards.